Explore with us the exciting world of music. You can learn how to play the musical instrument you have been dreaming about, or how to sing your favourite song. Qualified and experienced teachers, who have a passion for music, conduct lessons in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our regular concerts give you the chance to try your hand at being an artist.


"For the comprehensive and harmonious development of a child, it is essential that, in addition to active contact with other types of art, they learn to play a musical instrument, at least at the basic level"
- Carl Orff

    - activates the whole brain at the same time, especially the visual, auditory and motor cortex, allowing for the application of new skills in other areas
    - combines linguistic and mathematical precision (left hemisphere) with innovative and creative thinking (right hemisphere)
    - improves concentration, cognitive functions, and memory
    - increases the activity of neural connections, which increases the ability to acquire knowledge
    - challenges coordination and manual skills
    - increases acquisition of foreign languages
    - instills self-discipline and self-regulation
    - helps to overcome shyness and put faith in one's own abilities


    - teaches how to cooperate with others by developing social skills and competences
    - disciplines and helps to develop a sense of responsibility
    - develops a good sense of rhythm, musicality and harmonic hearing
    - helps to build constructive relationships with peers
    - increases self-esteem and evokes good emotions
    - teaches music performance skills... etc.


  • “The teachers who teach my children in the Arka Music School help them to develop through educating them in such a way that they feel they learn the things they are interested in, and can view their progress. They support the creativity of pupils and increase their self-esteem. They suggest, but do not impose. The teachers are versatile, that's why they are inspirational and flexible, which encourages children to cooperate with their teachers. The teachers provide their students with some flexibility, if it does not interfere with progress in learning. They respect the individuality of every music student and his/her choice, as well as contribute toward the path of their pupils' musical development.”
    “ I am pleased with my child's progress, as well as the positive atmosphere, which motivates him.”
    “I have a great teacher and I am glad that the school represents a fairly high level.”
    “It's perfect!”
    “A very good teacher and a friendly atmosphere.”
    “Nice teacher, good atmosphere, good localization.”