How to sign up?
Step by step...

  • REGISTRATION 2023/24

    1. Download application
    fill it out and send it to this address: or request the application at the school's reception desk.
    2. After receiving confirmation of acceptance, make the required payment according to the price list (there is the possibility of taking 1-4 trial lessons).
    3. Arrange the first lesson with the teacher.
    4. Enjoy the music ... :)
  • We offer:

    - private lessons in piano/keyboard, guitar/electric guitar, percussion, flute, trumpet, saxophone, violin, cello, studio of song, bands
    - lessons in English

    We provide:

    - private lessons/bands
    - qualified staff
    - popular/classical music
    - friendly atmosphere
    - concerts/competitions

    Playing in the band

    - promotes positive social attitudes
    - increases the ability to cooperate in a group
    - disciplines and helps to develop a sense of responsibility
    - develops a good sense of rhythm and harmonic hearing
    - rehearsals are a place of joyful social gathering after a hard day at school :)


    Repertoire and teaching methods are adjusted to individual abilities and preferences of each student, with an eye for artistic values and didactic approaches. The pace of learning, and time and frequency of the lessons are chosen by the student. The repertoire includes works of classical and popular music.